• Player Development Plan – strengths, limitations, tournament & practice schedule, rankings & goals
• Practice log (what you did/what you learned at practice)
• Tournament log (who you played, score, analysis of the match, what you did well, what you want to work on)
• Mental training
• Fitness training
Monthly Mental Training
• Read the blog posts – print them off or ideally hand write them and put them in your tennis notebook
• Tournament log

Weekly Mental Training
• Write down your schedule
• Write down your goals for the week (3)

Daily Mental Training
• Write down what you did at practice
• Write down anything you learned or something that you found beneficial
• Write down how you are feeling physically, mentally, or emotionally and take necessary steps to improve condition if not feeling 100%

How to Analyze Matches
• Start with the facts – who won and score
• What you did well
• What you want to improve on
• What your opponent did well
• What your opponent did not do very well
• Key moment(s) of the match