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Continental Grip Technique Guide

Backhand Slice 1.) Ready Position Continental grip Racquet face angled slightly up Left hand on the throat 2.) Unit Turn (turning of the major muscles) Shoulders turn Arms turn Elbows turn Hands turn Hips turn 3.) Set: Racquet face higher and towards the net on higher...


We are super happy to introduce a new and improved Group Swim Lesson format beginning May 2019. Our group swim lessons have been extended to 1 hour per lesson. It's a small group and we feel that with an hour, your child will have more quality time to learn. Members: ...


We are now registering for Summer Camp 2019.  After your review - if you have any questions, drop us an email or give us a call (479) 587-0500 ext. 7 Click here for a pdf of the Summer Camp Guide.  Click here to go to the registration form page....

Groundstroke Technique Guide

All Strokes Have: Proper space = proper distance between hands, elbows, and shoulders in relation to the racquet Proper racquet head speed Proper contact point Extension Proper follow through Shot Mechanics for Groundstrokes: 1.) Ready position: Proper grip with top...


1.) What was your best tournament in 2018 and why? 2.) What tournament did you struggle the most at in 2018 and why? 3.) What are 3 things you want to do outside of regularly scheduled practiced in 2019 and when are you going to do them? 4.) What is your best tennis...

Correct Mental Approach to Tennis

1.) Formula for a successful practice: Extreme Effort (Players) + Super Specific Focus (Coaches) = Perfect Practice. Extreme effort is supplied by the players. Even if the focus of practice is not your favorite -- extreme effort is required. Specificity of the...

5 Hs to be Good at Tennis

HARDWORKING Come with a "mentality" to work Set tone for the practice with a proper dynamic Have a positive attitude regardless of what we are doing at practice HUNGRY Motivated to raise level Have an accurate understanding of current level Have result based goals...

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