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If you’re looking for a fun way to burn fat, try adding racquetball into your fitness routine. It’s just the thing to get you off the treadmill.


Along with the calorie-burning benefits, playing racquetball has proven to be a total body toner that enhances flexibility. Whether you’re an accomplished athlete, an aerobics-class regular or just starting a fitness regime, here’s why you should play racquetball:


All Over Workout


One hour of racquetball can burn more calories than an hour of tennis or even weightlifting. Unlike the usual machine workout, racquetball also has the added benefit of all-over muscle tone, enhanced flexibility, and builds your hand-eye coordination.


It Makes your Body Think


Muscles are smart. Once they master a movement, the workout benefits begin to decrease. That’s why many trainers and boot camp leaders constantly change up their exercise routines. On the racquetball court, the ball is coming at you from every angle, and the possibilities are endless. No two games of racquetball will be the same. This means you’re burning more calories with you mind and body working harder while adjusting and reacting to the constant change of the game.


Mental Well-Being


Besides the muscle benefits, racquetball improves mental clarity and quickness by making quick and strategic decisions. It helps with neural adaptation by stimulating faster connection between brain and muscle movements, which improves a player’s reflexes even off the racquetball court. Hand-eye coordination and eyesight are enhanced as well.


Reduce Stress Levels

Any physical activity can reduce stress by increasing your endorphins, but racquetball is especially good for stress reduction. When you’re caught up in the intense back-and-forth of racquetball, you’re not thinking about the day’s problems or tomorrow’s to-do list. Shedding the day’s tensions will lead to daily improvements in energy and optimism throughout the day!

At FAC we have 2 racquetball courts available to all members.

You may reserve your court up to 24 hours in advance.

Interested in trying out racquetball with some friends? Reserve a court today!