A group of diverse children playing outside.

You can help your child explore lots of different activities to find something they enjoy.

For example, children who like balancing might enjoy climbing, cycling, playgrounds, dance or gymnastics. Others who like hand-eye coordination tasks might enjoy ball games in the park, ten-pin bowling, frisbee or sports like cricket or tennis.


Plenty of variety in your child’s mix of sports, games and activities will also keep them excited about moving. And when your child tries out different activities, they pick up new skills, stay interested and challenged, and get enough physical activity in their days.


Tips for encouraging active children

  • Be active yourself and your child is more likely to follow your lead.
  • Give your child praise and encouragement if an activity is proving to be difficult for them.
  • Try to make some time to have fun playing actively with your child. It’s great to find something you both enjoy doing.
  • Encourage your child to play outside.
  • Go with your child when they try an organized sport or group lesson – for example, swimming or dancing.
  • Get the family going – organize family activities like camping, and outdoor games.
  • Involve your child in daily chores around the house like gardening, washing the car and cleaning.
  • Keep an activities box at home and in the car with balls, bats, kite, beach bucket and spade so that you’re always prepared.
  • Balls, bikes and scooters make great gifts, and encourage physical activity and opportunities to play outdoors.


Young children are rarely intensely active for long periods, but will often have bursts of activity for a few minutes or less. This is healthy, and your child will be more likely to keep doing it if you encourage it.


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