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Serving Technique (right handed player)

  • Have a consistent pre-serve routine that you do before every serve and start with a continental grip and your weight on your front foot
  • Rock hands and weight back towards the back leg
  • Either slide your foot up or have the back foot remain in the same spot prior to contact — be consistent
  • Arms move at the same time, stay lose, and work together
  • Hands rise together and stay lose until contact
  • Left arm tosses the ball from the right of the body and right arm is turned to the left side of the body
  • Right elbow needs to be on proper side of your body and have enough space from the rib cage
  • Heals off the ground as leg bend occurs
  • Racquet face is angled down from the trophy position
  • Toss even with your head for deception
  • Pronate according to the spin and location you are hitting
  • Jump and land inside the baseline
  • Lose and relaxed motion — slow and then fast

Serving Drills

  • Serve @ targets
  • Service line progression back towards baseline or pronation progression using more legs
  • Miss = fitness penalty
  • #s — second serves out of 10
  • Serve a set again yourself using lanes — make = win the point; miss = lost the point
  • Throwing drills

*First move on the OH is elbow back*

**Have more enthusiasm for the rest of the summer than your competition. There is no greater place to be than NWA. Play high %, kill it w/ energy, & work on your game!!!**