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1.) Know our dynamic, drills, and post practice stretch routine and are enthusiastically looking to lead the group or lead by example

2.) Speak positively about all those in the program — other students, coaches, and the direction the program is heading

3.) Lead in terms of cleaning up the facility and view helping others as a privilege rather than something that is to be done by a younger or worse tennis player

4.) Encourage effort and competition from others. Say the right things at tournaments to teammates and others. Understand the 3 types of competitors and do their best to be the best form of a competitor.

5.) Use a filter when channeling frustration and only say statements that will challenge themselves and not discourage themselves.

6.) Understand the balance of competition and development and therefore try to win within stipulations given to them or place a personal stipulation on themselves

7.) Form a partnership with the coaches and do not form a completely unrealistic view of their constructive criticism

8.) Hustle for every ball and view effort as all or none

9.) Avoid attitude issues that are extreme: far racquet toss, cussing, or far bashing of a tennis ball

10.) Take pride in YOUR situation and program!!!

Program Killers

1.) Disrespect of the program

  • Hooking the dynamic
  • Speaking negatively about anything to do with the program
  • Failing to clean up the facility or have a basic understanding of drills and procedures

2.) Disrespect of other players

  • Complaining about other players
  • Discouraging the effort or goals of others (making fun of someone for trying hard or putting themselves out there)
  • Harmful tournament talk

3.) Disrespect of the game

  • “I hate tennis”
  • “This drill is stupid”
  • Attempting to find loop holes with drills or point play stipulations

4.) Disrespect of coaches

  • Arguing
  • Questioning methods
  • Questioning character

5.) Disrespect of self

  • Tanking
  • Bad attitude (extreme)
  • Looking down on situation (especially winning tournaments)