Benefits of practicing with weaker players…

(1) Work on offensive skills. You will be in control of most of the points and can work on: changing direction of the ball, taking the ball earlier, coming to the net, changing the spin of the ball.
(2) Opportunity to demonstrate leadership. As you become a better leader, you become a better tennis player.

Benefits of practicing with stronger players…

(1) Work on defensive skills. You will be forced to play defense most of the time and have the opportunity to work on countering and defending.
(2) Opportunity to see a higher quality ball for you to try to emulate.

*Any practice situation can be beneficial with hard work, positive attitude, and stipulations. Who does Novak practice with?*

Benefits of drilling…

(1) Lots of repetitions in a small amount of time.
(2) Tests your ability to have sustained focused. Drilling at times can be boring and repetitive, so it tests your ability to stay focused for a period time while doing the same task over and over.
(3) Tests your ability to duplicate the same quality shots over and over. Which is similar to matches. With a match — you want to find a winning formula (sequence of shots) and duplicate that pattern over and over. This is very similar to drilling.

How to work on increasing power in a practice situation…

(1) Start with a consistent ball that you will not miss.
(2) Slowly start to increase power.
(3) Increase power until an error occurs.
(4) Do not try to hit the next ball just as hard, restart the process. Slowly over your time the power of your shots will increase.