1.) When behind the baseline, do NOT miss in the net, miss long.
2.) When inside the baseline, do NOT miss long, miss wide or in the net.
3.) Make all 2nd serve returns.
4.) No double faults.
5.) Make your first serve on the first point of your service game.
6.) Hit only inside out forehands, NOT inside in.
7.) If the ball is dropping = top spin; if the ball is rising = drive with spin. High ball = hit inside, low ball = hit outside; slide = vice versa.
8.) Have the goal of making 10 shots each point and count.
9.) Build cross court and play path on approach shots and passing shots.
10.) Consistency > accuracy > spin > power.

Culture = Mentality. What is our mentality? Everything you do is important!

What to do if you are losing badly? 1.) Slow it down. 2.) Mix it up until you regain some momentum and then go back to what you do best. 3.) Focus on the things outside of the score that you can control. 4.) Find the positives (you are playing a great player and getting better; a great comeback is not possible unless you face a big deficit). 5.) Keep grinding — you never know what can happen and make your opponent finish.