1.) Toughness

Characteristics: Lose lots of close matches. Struggle with long games, 3rd sets, & fatigue. Struggle with the biggest moments of the match. Frequently have losses with scores like: 6-7, 1-6.

Solutions: Do a honest evaluation of your motivation level, if you are not motivated — this will always be an issue. Push yourself harder physically in practice. Do some fitness on your own.

Blog post that can help: 5 Ps. https://www.fayac.com/2016/12/31/the-5-ps/

2.) Professionalism

Characteristics: Struggle with coming to practice prepared (equipment and mentality to work). Do not value dynamic or tournament warm-ups. Do not properly prepare for tournaments (equipment and enough practice preparation). Does not want to be to coached or shown where improvements can be made. *Please Note* If a parent or coach is ensuring the student is professional — this does not mean the student is professional. It also does not mean they are unprofessional — it simple means it is impossible to know a student’s level of professionalism if the professionalism does not come from them.

Solutions: Improve quality of Tennis Notebook. Manage your day better by spending more time planning. This will help with being prepared for practice and tournament. Write down what needs to be done and then do it!

Blog post that can help: How to Be More Professional. https://www.fayac.com/2016/06/02/how-to-be-more-professional/

3.) Tactical Knowledge

Characteristics: Does not have a good understanding of one’s game (strengths, limitations, game plan). Does not match up basic tactical strategies against opponent. Frequently loses matches because of beating oneself.

Solutions: Spend time reviewing your Player Development Plan. When practicing — match sure you are putting stipulations on yourself. *Please Note* “Free Play” or stipulationless play is very harmful to this student. The pattern of struggling with decision making will simply repeat itself which will lead to frustration. The student needs to play under specific stipulations until the problem is corrected.

Blog post that can help: High % Rules. https://www.fayac.com/2018/03/15/high-rules-version-2-0/

4.) Specific Shot

Characteristics: A single shot is frequently the reason for lost matches. *Please Note* the difference between a specific shot and toughness. If it is a 5-5 deuce, you are feeling a lot of pressure, you double fault, and this is one of few double faults for the match — that is a toughness issue. Handling pressure; NOT a specific shot issue. If you finish a match, you lost, and you had a high number of double faults. That is a single shot issue.

Solutions: Very simple…more practice time.