• Come with a “mentality” to work
  • Set tone for the practice with a proper dynamic
  • Have a positive attitude regardless of what we are doing at practice


  • Motivated to raise level
  • Have an accurate understanding of current level
  • Have result based goals that you are actively trying to achieve


  • Ability to demonstrate fortitude. Fortitude is the ability to bounce back from extreme disappointment.
  • Continue fighting despite opponent having a large lead
  • Finishing whatever drill we are doing strong


  • Follow the RESIST model…Rest, Eat, Sleep, Ice, Stretch, Time (better to miss a little time and recover rather than miss a lot of time because of a bad decision)


  • Humility is the glue that holds everything together. If you are not humble…you will not be willing to do the little things that are important, you will not be willing to push yourself and make yourself feel uncomfortable, and you will be satisfied and lack motivation.