1.) What was your best tournament in 2018 and why?

2.) What tournament did you struggle the most at in 2018 and why?

3.) What are 3 things you want to do outside of regularly scheduled practiced in 2019 and when are you going to do them?

4.) What is your best tennis shot and why?

5.) What is the shot you most want to improve on in 2019 and what will make that shot better?

6.) What was your match count for 2018 and what is your match count goal for 2019?

7.) What is your secondary strategy?

8.) What are 3 game day specific rituals that you do to get ready for a match?

9.) What are 2 ways that you are going to improve the atmosphere at practice in 2019?

10.) Finish the sentence…I will accomplish my goals in 2019 if…