All Strokes Have:

  • Proper space = proper distance between hands, elbows, and shoulders in relation to the racquet
  • Proper racquet head speed
  • Proper contact point
  • Extension
  • Proper follow through

Shot Mechanics for Groundstrokes:

1.) Ready position: Proper grip with top of the racquet above the hands

2.) Unit Turn: Turning of the major muscles (shoulders & hips)

3.) Set: High with racquet face facing the corner or fence

4.) Extension & Contact Point: Hitting the proper side of the ball with the racquet at the proper angle at the moment of contact

5.) Finish: Needs to be at the appropriate height at the conclusion of the swing based on target


1.) Ready Position: favors the forehand; semi western grip; racquet faced angles slightly towards the ground; left hand on throat; top of the racquet above the hands; elbows in front of the body

2.) Unit Turn: shoulders turn; arms turn; elbows turn; hands turn; hips turn

3.) Set: Separation of hands in opposite direction of each other; racquet passes by corner fence on the way to the slot; and right hand dips the ball as the hip engages

4.) Full extension at contact

5.) Appropriate finish: pocket = low approach shots, passing shots, angles; tricep = majority of forehands; reverse = lobs; finish finishes back in the ready position


1.) Ready Position: continental grip with right hand, semiwestern grip with left hand; racquet face angled slightly towards the ground; top of the racquet above the hands; elbows in front of body

2.) Strong and Fast Unit Turn (turning of the major muscles, no pause): Shoulders turn; arms turn; elbows turn; hands turn; hips turn; top of the racquet remains slightly higher than the hands; racquet is facing the side fence

3.) Set: Hands dip under the ball

4.) Nearly full extension at contact with left hand controlling the shot and right hand providing support

5.) Appropriate Finish: More around the body on cross court (think Murray); more up on down the line (think Novak)