Backhand Slice

1.) Ready Position

  • Continental grip
  • Racquet face angled slightly up
  • Left hand on the throat

2.) Unit Turn (turning of the major muscles)

  • Shoulders turn
  • Arms turn
  • Elbows turn
  • Hands turn
  • Hips turn

3.) Set: Racquet face higher and towards the net on higher driving slices and lower towards the sky when the ball is lower and you want to hit more spin

4.) Extend and start swing above the ball and make contact even with the ball with appropriate angle based on height of ball and desired shot

5.) Finish up and above the ball


1.) Ready Position

  • Continental grip
  • Left hand on throat
  • Hands and elbows out in front
  • Racquet and arms form a u or v shape

2.) Unit Turn: Larger on backhand volley

3.) Set: Push hands out with a slight shoulder turn and step out with outside leg; elbow in on the forehand, elbow out on the backhand

4.) Extend left arm away from right arm prior to contact and make contact with the bottom edge of the racquet leading

5.) Finish by stepping with inside leg forward or across body and finish above the net (volley with you feet)


1.) Ready Position: Routine with hands starting out in front of body with weight on front left (left hand position is individualistic)

2.) Unit Turn: Rock hands and weight back towards the back leg

3.) Set: Hands and arms rise together in one unified motion and proper amount of turn with left arm on the right of body and right arm on the left and elbow needs to have proper space from rib cage and racquet face angled from the trophy position

4.) Extension & Contact: Transition weight back forward and stick hip into the court (sliding foot up or leaving it planted is individualistic)

5.) Finish two steps into the court — one to land and one to push off.

**Have a relaxed motion with a toss even with head and slightly out in front. The toss is considered the footwork of the serve**