1.) Start the day right: It is a good idea to get up early and warm up early in the day. Even if you have a later start time for your match. Warming up early in the day will ensure that you are not rushed and have plenty of court time. After the warm up, you could even go back to your house or hotel and rest. Then you could arrive early enough before your later match time in order to get in a dynamic stretch prior to taking the court.

2.) Warm up: The purpose of the warm up is not to gauge how well you will play or if the day will be a good or bad day. The purpose of the warm up is simply to warm up. To get going. To get your body physically ready to play. With this in mind — if you are not able to do any on court hitting — it is not the biggest deal. An extended dynamic warm up can get your body physically ready to compete. Also, a wall is a great place to warm up and can be substituted for on court hitting if needed. It is important to begin all hitting focused on footwork and consistency. It is best to take a little pace off your shots in order to make most of the shots you hit. This is especially critical for the serve. Start hitting serves at a second serve pace until you are making a high number in a row. After that, you can start to incorporate some first serves. If you miss a first serve, it is best to make another second serve prior to hitting another first serve.

3.) Time prior to check in: When your match time is getting close — there are a few options. 1.) Isolate yourself and listen to some music or spend time writing. Music is obviously far more popular but writing in your tennis notebook can be extremely beneficial. You can write about how you are feeling or you can write about your game plan. 2.) You could watch other matches or visit with friends. When deciding what is best for your — it is important to know what is best to help you get in the right mindset to compete. For some people, when they are by themselves listening to music or writing, it might create even more pressure on them. For others, if you are watching matches or visiting — you might become distracted and not be in the best mentality to compete. Know yourself and do what you need to do to be ready to compete.

4.) Unless you have gone straight from the warm up courts, to checking in, to going on the court — it is super important to do another dynamic stretch right before you check in. After you have checked in, if there is a long period of time before you take the court, do another dynamic stretch to stay ready to play.

5.) At some point during the day of a tournament, prior to going on the court, you should review your game plan in your tennis notebook. Even if you think you know exactly what you are going to do, re-read it. You might have missed something or at the very least it will help you focus and relax.