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MON5:30 AMWarm Sunrise YogaLoriSmall
MON5:30 AMPrecision Cycling*Steve VCycle
MON5:30 AMBodyPump*RickLarge
MON5:30 AMGRITBetsyUpstairs
MON8:30 AMBodyPump*Larissa/TamaraLarge
MON8:30 AMGRITKim CSmall
MON8:45 AMHealthy Hot Yoga*NicoleFACtory
MON9:00 AMAqua Aerobics (75mins)SueLap Pool
MON9:00 AMPrecision Cycling*BelleCycle
MON9:00 AMCardio Tennis*TBATennis
MON9:30 AMB5*Margie/MicaLarge
MON10:00 AMSweat Sculpt*RebeccaFACtory
MON10:30 AMYAHReubenLarge
MON4:30 PMBodyPump*SteveLarge
MON5:00 PMHealthy Hot Yoga*BenFACtory
MON 5:15 PMGRITMasonUpstairs
MON5:30 PMBodyCombatReaganLarge
MON5:30 PMZumba®TeamSmall
MON6:00 PMCardio Tennis*TBATennis
MON6:00 PMRPM*MasonCycle
MON6:15 PMHot Yoga Abs *Melissa SFACtory
MON6:30 PMBodyPump*Kim PLarge
MON6:30 PMCXWORX*MicaSmall
TUE5:30 AMPrecision Cycling*LizCycle
TUE5:30 AMBodyAttackCorinneLarge
TUE5:30 AMGRITAlyssaSmall
TUE8:30 AMPilates PlusLizLarge
TUE8:30 AMGRITMicaSmall
TUE8:45 AMHealthy Hot Yoga*NicoleFACtory
TUE9:00 AMCardio Tennis*TBATennis
TUE9:00 AMRPM*RaynaCycle
TUE9:30 AMD/CUT (Dance Fitness)TeamLarge
TUE10:30 AMIyengar Style YogaCindiSmall
TUENoonBarre IntensityBetsyLarge
TUENoonHealthy Hot Yoga*AnneFACtory
TUENoonSPRINT* (30 minutes)Melissa ACycle
TUENoonAquaholicsAnitaLap Pool
TUE12:35 PMCXWORX* Melissa Small
TUE4:30 PMBodyAttackMica/ReaganLarge
TUE4:30 PM BodyFlow* Liz WSmall
TUE5:00 PMSweat Sculpt*BetsyFACtory
TUE5:30 PMBodyPump*MasonLarge
TUE6:00 PMSPRINT*SteveCycle
TUE6:00 PMCardio Tennis*TBATennis
TUE6:15 PMHealthy Hot Yoga*AnneFACtory
TUE6:30 PMZumba®ShannonLarge
WED5:30 AMBodyPump*RickLarge
WED5:30 AMWarm Sunrise YogaLoriSmall
WED5:30 AMHIIT Cycle*TeamCycle
WED5:30 AMAquaholicsCraigPool
WED5:30 AMGRITBetsyUpstairs
WED8:30 AMBodyPump*CorinneLarge
WED8:45 AMHealthy Hot Yoga*LoriFACtory
WED9:00 AMAqua Aerobics (75 mins)SueLap Pool
WED9:00 AMPrecision Cycling*Kim ECycle
WED9:00 AMCardio Tennis*TBATennis
WED9:30 AMBodyAttackMargieLarge
WED10:30 AMYAHRuebenLarge
WED4:30 PMBodyPump Express*SteveLarge
WED4:55 PMCXWORX*SteveLarge
WED5:30 PMD/CUT (Dance Fitness)TeamLarge
WED5:30 PMBodyFlow*LeeAnnSmall
WED6:00 PMCardio Tennis*TBATennis
WED6:00 PMSPRINT* (30 minutes)HeatherCycle
WED6:00 PMHot Power Fusion Yoga* (75 min)LaraFACtory
WED6:30 PMBarre IntensityReneeLarge
THU5:30 AMB5*Corinne/KimLarge
THU5:30 AMRPM*AveryCycle
THU5:30 AMGRITBetsySmall
THU8:30 AMPilates PlusLizLarge
THU8:30 AMGRITMicaSmall
THU8:45 AMHealthy Hot Yoga*CatherineFACtory
THU9:00 AMCardio Tennis*TBATennis
THU9:00 AMPrecision Cycling*JohnCycle
THU9:30 AMD/CUT (Dance Fitness)CandaceLarge
THU10:30 AMIyengar Style YogaCindiSmall
THUNoonPulsePointe BarreBrookeLarge
THUNoonSPRINT*Melissa ACycle
THUNoonHealthy Hot Yoga*AnneLarge
THU12:35 PMCXWORX* Melissa Small
THU4:30 PMBodyCombatMica/ReaganLarge
THU5:30 PMGRIT (see Group Training Schedule for complete list of GRIT classes)AlyssaLarge
THU6:00 PMZumbaAshleyLarge
THU6:00 PMHealthy Hot Yoga*AnneFACtory
THU6:00 PMCardio Tennis*TBATennis
THU6:00 PMRPM*SteveCycle
FRI5:30 AMPrecision Cycling*KristenCycle
FRI5:30 AMBodyPump Express*Kim PLarge
FRI8:30 AMFlow YogaAnneSmall
FRI8:30 AMBodyPump*Larissa/TamaraLarge
FRI9:00 AMAqua Aerobics (75mins)SueLap Pool
FRI9:00 AMCardio Tennis*TBATennis
FRI9:00 AMRPM*RaynaCycle
FRI9:30 AMB5*Margie/MicaLarge
FRI10:00 AMSweat Sculpt*ReaganFACtory
FRI10:30 AMYAHReubenLarge
FRI5:00 PMHot Slow Flow*TeamLarge
SAT7:00 AMAquaholicsTBALap Pool
SAT8:15 AMBodyPump*RickLarge
SAT8:30 AMCardio Tennis*TeamTennis
SAT8:30 AMTri Sport SwimAaronLap Pool
SAT8:30 AMSaturday Spin*John/TiffanyCycle
SAT9:15 AMBodyAttackBrookeLarge
SAT9:30 AMPrecision Cycling*KristenCycle
SAT9:30 AMHealthy Hot Yoga*TBAFACtory
SAT9:30 AMCardio Tennis*TBALarge
SAT10:15 AMD/CUT (Dance Fitness)TeamLarge
SAT11:00 AMHealthy Hot Yoga* (90 minutes)TeamLarge
SUN1:30 PMPulsePointe BarreBrookeLarge
SUN2:00 PMHealthy Hot Yoga* (90 minutes)TeamFACtory
SUN2:30 PMSunday Spin*TeamCycle
SUN2:30 PMD/CUT (Dance Fitness)TeamSmall
SUN2:30 PMBodyCombatTeamLarge
SUN3:30 PMBodyFlow*TeamSmall
SUN3:30 PMBodyPump*TeamLarge

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