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MON5:30 AMBodyPumpRickLarge
MON5:30 AMWaymoChandlerWaymo Court
MON8:15 AMBodyPumpTamaraLarge
MON8:30 AMGRITJenniferNorth BB Court
MON8:45 AMWarm Flow YogaCatherineSmall
Mon9:00 AMFast FeedTeamTennis
MON9:00 AMAqua Aerobics (75min)SuePool
MON9:15 AMPrecision CyclingSharronCycle Studio
MON9:30 AMB5MicaLarge
Mon10:00Sweat SculptJenniferSmall
MON10:35 AMYAHReubenLarge
MON4:30 PMBodyPumpSteveLarge
MON 5:15 PMGRITMasonNorth BB Court
MON5:30 PMBodyCombatJarrettSmall
MON 6:00 PMWAYMOBenWaymo Court
MON6:00 PMFast FeedTBATennis
MON6:00 PMRPMMasonCycle Studio
MON6:30 PMBodyPumpKim PLarge
Mon6:30 PMLM COREShannonSmall
TUE5:30 AMPrecision CyclingLizCycle Studio
TUE5:30 AMBodyAttackCorinneLarge
TUE8:30 AMPilates PlusLizLarge
TUE8:30 AMGRITMicaNorth BB Court
TUE9:00 AMFast FeedTBATennis
TUE9:00 AMWAYMOKim CWaymo Court
TUE9:00 AMRPMRaynaCycle Studio
TUE9:30 AMD/CUT (Dance Fitness)BiancaLarge
TUE10:45 AMFlow YogaNicole OLarge
TUE11:00 AMWAYMOKim CWaymo Court
TUENoonBarre IntensityJordanLarge
TUENoonSPRINT (30 minutes)SteveCycle Studio
TUE12:35 PMLM CORE SteveSmall
TUE4:15 PMFlow YogaBenSmall
TUE4:30 PM BodyAttack TeamLarge
TUE4:30 PMWAYMOChandlerWaymo Court
TUE5:30 PMBodyPumpMasonLarge
TUE5:30 PMWAYMOChandlerWaymo Court
TUE6:00 PMSPRINTSteveCycle Studio
TUE6:00 PMFast FeedTBATennis
TUE6:30 PMZumba®*ShannonLarge
WED5:30 AMSPRINTJohnCycle Studio
WED5:30 AMBodyPumpRickLarge
WED5:30 AMWAYMOChandlerWaymo Court
WED8:30 AMBodyPumpCorinneLarge
WED9:00 AMAqua Aerobics (75min)SuePool
WED9:00 AMFast FeedTBATennis
WED9:15 AMPrecision CyclingSharon Cycle Studio
WED9:30 AMBodyAttackBetsyLarge
WED10:35 AMYAHRuebenLarge
WEDNoonWarm Flow YogaLynnleeSmall
WED4:30 PMBody Pump ExpressSteveLarge
WED4:55 PMLM CORESteveLarge
WED5:30 PMBodyFlowLee Ann KLarge
WED6:00 PMWAYMOBenWaymo Court
WED6:00 PMFast FeedTBATennis
WED6:30 PMZumbaKimLarge
THU5:30 AMB5Corinne or KimLarge
THU5:30 AMRPMAveryCycle Studio
THU8:30 AMPilates PlusLizLarge
THU8:30 AMGRITMicaNorth BB Court
THU9:00 AMFast FeedTBATennis
THU9:00 AMWAYMOKim CWaymo Court
THU9:00 AMPrecision CyclingMicaCycle Studio
THU9:30 AMD/CUT (Dance Fitness)AnneLarge
THU10:45 AMFlow YogaCatherineLarge
THU11:00 AMWAYMOKim CWaymo Court
THUNoonBarre IntensityJordanLarge
THUNoonSPRINTMelissaCycle Studio
THU12:35 PMLM CORECorinneSmall
THU4:30 PMBodyCombatBetsyLarge
THU4:30 PMWAYMOChandlerWaymo Court
THU5:30 PMBody PumpJenniferSmall
THU5:30 PMZumbaAshleyLarge
THU5:30 PMWAYMOChandler Waymo Court
THU6:00 PMRPMSteveSouth BB Court
THU6:00 PMFast FeedTBATennis
FRI5:30 AMRPMJohnSouth BB Court
FRI5:30 AMWAYMOChandlerWaymo Court
FRI5:30 AMBodyPump ExpressKim PLarge
FRI8:30 AMBodyPumpCarolineLarge
FRI9:00 AMFast FeedTBATennis
FRI9:00 AMRPMRaynaCycle Studio
FRI9:30 AMB5MicaLarge
FRI10:00 AMSweat SculptRebeccaSmall
FRI10:35 AMYAHReubenLarge
FRI12:35 PMWAYMOKim CWaymo Court
FRI5:00 PMHot Slow FlowBenLarge
SAT8:15 AMBodyPumpRickLarge
SAT8:30 AMSaturday SpinTiffanyCycle Studio
SAT8:30 AMWAYMOChandler Waymo Court
SAT8:30 AMFast FeedTBATennis
SAT9:30 AMBodyAttackTeamLarge
SAT9:30 AMYoga in the GardenTeamBGO
SAT9:30 AMFast FeedTBATennis
SAT10:30 AMD/CUT (Dance Fitness)CandaceLarge
SAT 11:00 AMWAYMOChandlerWaymo Court
SATNoon90 min Flow YogaLaraLarge
SUN1:30 PMBarre IntensityJordanLarge
SUN2:30 PMD/CUT (Dance Fitness)TeamLarge
SUN2:30 PMBodyCombatJarrettSmall
SUN2:30 PMSunday SpinTeamCycle Studioe
SUN3:30 PMBodyPumpKimLarge
SUN4:00 PM90 min Flow YogaTeamSmall

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Tips For Getting Stated In Group Fitness Classes

I wrote this a few years ago and was shocked by how many people contacted me about it.  I think it is worth sharing again.  If it helps just one person on their fitness journey than it was more than worth my time!  I added a few updates for 2019 as well. Have you ever...

Winter Clothing Donation Drive

As the weather cools down, help your neighbors by donating coats, boots and sweaters to Beautiful Lives Boutique, Fayetteville.   Your donation helps to bring beauty and hope to the lives of women and children in crisis in our own community and around the world.  For...

Match Day Rituals

1.) Start the day right: It is a good idea to get up early and warm up early in the day. Even if you have a later start time for your match. Warming up early in the day will ensure that you are not rushed and have plenty of court time. After the warm up, you could...


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