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Pro Training

We offer personal training for any fitness level, and our first priority is to help you reach your fitness goals. Our trainers are friendly, knowledgeable, and motivating. Let us help you to get where you want to be.

Group Fitness

Join one of our many group exercise options. Whether you’re looking for cardio, aquatics, yoga, or any number of other choices, our professional trainers are ready to motivate and instruct you. Come be part of the FAC family.

Family Friendly

We are proud to be one of the most kid-friendly facilities imaginable. Our 16,000 square foot Fun FACtory features its own indoor multi-sport gymnasium, two-story play structure, and so much more.

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Group exercise is an excellent way to get motivated and pursue your fitness goals. Our classes range from high-intensity cross training to relaxing (but challenging) yoga and pilates. You also have to option of multiple aquatic exercise classes to get your heart rate up while saving your joints.


Motivation, expertise, and experience. Our trainers are the perfect tool to take your fitness to the next stage. Each of our friendly trainers is nationally certified, and knowledgeable in how the human body works and responds to the right kind of stress.

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We have the facilities and training to take your game to the next level.
Six plexi-cushion tournament tennis courts – enclosed and heated during the winter for year round play. Explore Tennis.
Our spacious hardwood basketball court has six basketball hoops, offering ample space for practice, pick-up games, and league play. Explore Basketball.
Two separate outdoor pool areas, with the lap pool enclosed and heated during the winter for year-round swimming. Explore Aquatics.

Kids & Family

We pride ourselves in being one of the most family-friendly environments in the area. Our 16,000 square foot Fun FACtory in unparalelled, with everything a kid could imagine to get and stay healthy. We also offer affordable child care for while you get your own workout in, or anytime.

Health & Wellness

We’re proud to offer our members access to an assortment of health and wellness options, from the Retreat Day Spa, to our professional in-house chiropractor. You can also check out our variety of facials and skin treatments offered through our Med Spa.

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Between Point Routines

1.) Post Point Reactions (4 outcomes of the point) You hit a winning shot: post point reaction = positive emotion or take a deep breath Your opponent hits a winning shot: post point reaction = tell your opponent good shot You miss a shot: post point reaction = take a...

Continental Grip Technique Guide

Backhand Slice 1.) Ready Position Continental grip Racquet face angled slightly up Left hand on the throat 2.) Unit Turn (turning of the major muscles) Shoulders turn Arms turn Elbows turn Hands turn Hips turn 3.) Set: Racquet face higher and towards the net on higher...


We are super happy to introduce a new and improved Group Swim Lesson format beginning May 2019. Our group swim lessons have been extended to 1 hour per lesson. It's a small group and we feel that with an hour, your child will have more quality time to learn. Members: ...

Groundstroke Technique Guide

All Strokes Have: Proper space = proper distance between hands, elbows, and shoulders in relation to the racquet Proper racquet head speed Proper contact point Extension Proper follow through Shot Mechanics for Groundstrokes: 1.) Ready position: Proper grip with top...


1.) What was your best tournament in 2018 and why? 2.) What tournament did you struggle the most at in 2018 and why? 3.) What are 3 things you want to do outside of regularly scheduled practiced in 2019 and when are you going to do them? 4.) What is your best tennis...

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