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We offer personal training for any fitness level, and our first priority is to help you reach your fitness goals. Our trainers are friendly, knowledgeable, and motivating. Let us help you to get where you want to be.

Group Fitness

Join one of our many group exercise options. Whether you’re looking for cardio, aquatics, yoga, or any number of other choices, our professional trainers are ready to motivate and instruct you. Come be part of the FAC family.

Family Friendly

We are proud to be one of the most kid-friendly facilities imaginable. Our 16,000 square foot Fun FACtory features its own indoor multi-sport gymnasium, two-story play structure, and so much more.

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Group exercise is an excellent way to get motivated and pursue your fitness goals. Our classes range from high-intensity cross training to relaxing (but challenging) yoga and pilates. You also have to option of multiple aquatic exercise classes to get your heart rate up while saving your joints.


Motivation, expertise, and experience. Our trainers are the perfect tool to take your fitness to the next stage. Each of our friendly trainers is nationally certified, and knowledgeable in how the human body works and responds to the right kind of stress.

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We have the facilities and training to take your game to the next level.
Six plexi-cushion tournament tennis courts – enclosed and heated during the winter for year round play. Explore Tennis.
Our spacious hardwood basketball court has six basketball hoops, offering ample space for practice, pick-up games, and league play. Explore Basketball.
Two separate outdoor pool areas, with the lap pool enclosed and heated during the winter for year-round swimming. Explore Aquatics.

Kids & Family

We pride ourselves in being one of the most family-friendly environments in the area. Our 16,000 square foot Fun FACtory in unparalelled, with everything a kid could imagine to get and stay healthy. We also offer affordable child care for while you get your own workout in, or anytime.

Health & Wellness

We’re proud to offer our members access to an assortment of health and wellness options, from the Retreat Day Spa, to our professional in-house chiropractor. You can also check out our variety of facials and skin treatments offered through our Med Spa.

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Red Ball Progression

What do you need to do before you move from Red to Orange Group? Know the shots of tennis and basic technique (ready steps, split, invisible wall, step, swing to the ear or small push forward) Know the traditional footwork moves (ready steps, split step, run to the...

Doubles & 3rd Set Development

Doubles Tips 1.) Move with your partner. If your partner is moving left, you move left. If your partner is moving back for an easy OH then start closing forward and look to poach. If the lob goes over your partner's head then start running back. 2.) Do not be an alley...

Program Builders

1.) Know our dynamic, drills, and post practice stretch routine and are enthusiastically looking to lead the group or lead by example 2.) Speak positively about all those in the program -- other students, coaches, and the direction the program is heading 3.) Lead in...

OHs, Serves, & Enthusiasm

Serving Technique (right handed player) Have a consistent pre-serve routine that you do before every serve and start with a continental grip and your weight on your front foot Rock hands and weight back towards the back leg Either slide your foot up or have the back...

Volley Development

Volley Technique 1.) Continental grip with top of the racquet above your grip; hands extended and even with the body; energy with your feet 2.) Split step 3.) Push hands out in front; elbow in on the forehand; elbow out on the backhand 4.) Step out; contact; step...

Outside of Regular Tennis Practice

Here is what you should do outside of your normally scheduled privates, groups, and tournament matches. 1.) Hit serves Targets Play a serving set Do a flat progression Add a fitness penalty for a missed serve Always be working on something technical or tactical 2.)...

How to be More Professional

Someone who is professional does an excellent job of taking care of the things they can control. They understand there is a right way to do things and a wrong way to do things. If something is in their control, they do it the right way and to the best of their...

Tournament Scheduling

1.) Try to play as many singles tournament matches as possible. A good number to shoot for is 100. If you are not close to playing 100 matches/year, set simple goals. If you are at 30 matches/year, try to get to 50. If you are at 50 matches/year, try to get to 75. 2.)...

Tennis & School

Tennis and school have some similarities and some differences. Understanding how tennis and school are similar and different can help us improve as tennis players. Let's consider conceptually how tennis and school are connected, where they vary, and in the process...

Intro to Tournament Tennis

Serving & Returning Strategies 1.) Serve wide -- hit to the open court; Serve T -- hit behind opponent 2.) Return first serves deep down the middle of the court to neutralize server's advantage; Return second serves to opponent's weakness 3.) Bigger points -- use...

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