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Every new FAC member receives a complimentary Fitness Launch session. During your Fitness Launch session an FAC certified personal trainer will help you identify your most important goals, then customize and coach you through an initial workout designed to reach those goals in the safest and most time efficient manner possible. Our top goal is to maximize your time spent in the club to ensure you reach your top goal! Whether you focus is weight loss, toning, increased strength, flexibility, sport performance or relief from nagging chronic pain, our trainers will deliver!


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One on One

Get personalized, laser focused attention from your Personal Trainer during either a 30 minute or a 1 hour session focused specifically on your needs and goals.

Semi Private

Continue receiving custom programming, accountability, and motivation from your FAC personal trainer while acquiring additional motivation and fun with workout partners. Semi private sessions consist of 2 – 4 individuals, provide added cost efficiency and are a full 60 minutes in duration.

Small Group

Small group sessions consist of 5-20 participants and offer activities and a level of guidance not available in large group settings. Our small group instructors can scale exercises to meet the needs of most participants while also varying intensity, volume and rest intervals to ensure you are always adapting and avoiding plateaus. When you are ready to stop doing the same movement and loading patterns over and over again come try us out. Small group integrates strength training, interval training, kettlebells, agility, power, balance and much more to keep you stimulated while peaking your performance in all areas of life!


This small group class is strategically designed to help both the average fitness enthusiast and advanced athlete take their fitness and performance to the next level.  WAYMO coaches will teach you to move smarter and more efficiently while keeping the workouts safe and fun!


Advanced Movement Performance is a terrific cross training tool.  Low impact + High Intensity = Great Results without the jarring of traditional cross training exercises.  Many of our AMP participants pair AMP with WAYMO and will attend AMP on their off days from training in WAYMO.   If you would like to see the AMP class in action, click here.


GRIT is a 30min High Intensity Interval Training class that is scientifically proven to get results.  GRIT has three different programs inside the GRIT Series – Cardio, Plyo, and Strength.  Classes can be one of the programs or a mix of two to keep things challenging and fresh.

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Winning Mindset

The key to peak performance, as a tennis athlete, is your mind! Your winning mindset is about developing a “habitual mental attitude” that will respond to situations in the right way and allow you to win more often.   Although you may spend hours preparing...

Connection of Practice & Tournaments

1.) Do the small things right at practice. There are obvious things you should do at every practice, like give good effort, but the small details might make all the difference. Starting behind the line for every suicide, having proper technique during the warm up, or...

Just Make Balls

What Does it Mean to Make Balls? Know your ability level and stay within it. Your ability level is a combination of how hard you can hit the ball and how close to the line you can hit. All tennis players should constantly be improving their ability level and...

Playing With A Lead

1.) Stay Greedy Think about a score that motivates you. If you play better behind, pretend you are behind. If you play better even, pretend you are even. Remember, you need to stay hungry because you must earn tennis matches. You need to finish, you cannot simply run...

Red Ball Progression

What do you need to do before you move from Red to Orange Group? Know the shots of tennis and basic technique (ready steps, split, invisible wall, step, swing to the ear or small push forward) Know the traditional footwork moves (ready steps, split step, run to the...

Doubles & 3rd Set Development

Doubles Tips 1.) Move with your partner. If your partner is moving left, you move left. If your partner is moving back for an easy OH then start closing forward and look to poach. If the lob goes over your partner's head then start running back. 2.) Do not be an alley...

Program Builders

1.) Know our dynamic, drills, and post practice stretch routine and are enthusiastically looking to lead the group or lead by example 2.) Speak positively about all those in the program -- other students, coaches, and the direction the program is heading 3.) Lead in...

OHs, Serves, & Enthusiasm

Serving Technique (right handed player) Have a consistent pre-serve routine that you do before every serve and start with a continental grip and your weight on your front foot Rock hands and weight back towards the back leg Either slide your foot up or have the back...

Volley Development

Volley Technique 1.) Continental grip with top of the racquet above your grip; hands extended and even with the body; energy with your feet 2.) Split step 3.) Push hands out in front; elbow in on the forehand; elbow out on the backhand 4.) Step out; contact; step...

Outside of Regular Tennis Practice

Here is what you should do outside of your normally scheduled privates, groups, and tournament matches. 1.) Hit serves Targets Play a serving set Do a flat progression Add a fitness penalty for a missed serve Always be working on something technical or tactical 2.)...

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