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Winter Clothing Donation Drive

As the weather cools down, help your neighbors by donating coats, boots and sweaters to Beautiful Lives Boutique, Fayetteville.   Your donation helps to bring beauty and hope to the lives of women and children in crisis in our own community and around the world.  For...

Match Day Rituals

1.) Start the day right: It is a good idea to get up early and warm up early in the day. Even if you have a later start time for your match. Warming up early in the day will ensure that you are not rushed and have plenty of court time. After the warm up, you could...

Between Point Routines

1.) Post Point Reactions (4 outcomes of the point) You hit a winning shot: post point reaction = positive emotion or take a deep breath Your opponent hits a winning shot: post point reaction = tell your opponent good shot You miss a shot: post point reaction = take a...

Continental Grip Technique Guide

Backhand Slice 1.) Ready Position Continental grip Racquet face angled slightly up Left hand on the throat 2.) Unit Turn (turning of the major muscles) Shoulders turn Arms turn Elbows turn Hands turn Hips turn 3.) Set: Racquet face higher and towards the net on higher...

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